I just released an update to Deciduous that makes working with decision trees a little bit easier. So, what’s new? First, it now sports a dark theme, making late night resilience easier on the eyes. And also because my co-conspirator Kelly Shortridge needed a dark mode decision tree to match the dark slide backgrounds at Black Hat 2023 last August. Next, it’s now available as a CLI that can convert trees to PNGs and SVGs.
Today I’m excited to open source Callander, a new tool for sandboxing x86-64 and ARM64 Linux programs. Callander takes the guesswork out of system call sandboxing to make applying a sandbox as easy as prefixing your command with callander, as one might do with sudo to run a program as root. Other tools in this space require specifying the list of allowed system calls (“syscalls”), which is cumbersome and error-prone.